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Data Acquisition System for Solar Cloud Monitoring Solutions
The efficiency improvement of the platform and the lightning protection design greatly reduce the failure report rate and maintenance costs.
Expedite Test Kits to Fight Covid-19
Promate Solutions helps expedite the production of Covid-19 test equipment.
Delivering Higher Image Quality for Diagnostic Confidence
Advanced Technologies of Medical Imaging and Mechanical Engineering
All Environment Touch Console for Marine Application

Products & Services


Our Embedded Panel systems offer fully optimized, ready to run embedded display platforms integrated with ARM or Intel processor, display of your choice, touchscreen interface, pre-integrated Linux or Windows operating system, and drivers and cables. Our Embedded Panel systems can also be highly customizable from the display, touch interface, embedded boards, to software of your choosing.


Empowered by our Touch Advantage Technology, the industry display product line offers a range of features including water-tolerant, superior noise immunity touch performance preventing unintentional operator errors.


Whether you have specific testing requirements, need Bonding & Surface Treatments or need component level traceability, we’ve got you covered.


Integrated with the hardware development teams, leading to faster design cycles and better stability.

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Dec 4, 2023

TROPOX, a brand of Promate Group Launched a Hybrid Energy Monitoring Solution at Energy Taiwan 2023

An energy monitoring system offers flexible deployment that can be scaled with customers’ growth.

May 8, 2023

Promate Solutions x Microchip 3D Gesture Sensing Technology

Upgrade products like coffee machines by replacing mechanical push buttons with gesture-controlled interface that allow users to safely interact with the system without needing to touch the screen. 

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