Promate Solutions
HMI Series

High performance, Intuitive Usability, Versatility.
The Multi-touch HMI for High Demand Applications.


Optimized for Visualization and Efficiency

Empowered by Microchip Adaptive-sensing Architecture and the Promate Touch Advantage Technology, the HMI DM series offers a range of cutting-edge features including water-tolerant, superior noise immunity touch performance preventing unintentional operator errors.

On top of its industry-leading features, Promate Solutions offers software, optical and mechanical and electrical enhancements to fulfill specific customization needs. We have successfully fulfilled customers’ needs in medical diagnostics, outdoor, automotive, marine, heavy machinery, and industrial HMI applications.


・Revolutionary Microchip Adaptive-sensing Architecture

・Water Droplet Touch feature

・Glove and Passive Stylus operation possible

・Superior Noise Immunity


Regardless of the operating environment, the HMI series products are designed for robust operations. Dry or wet, cold or hot, it will take on rainy weather and sweaty hands without any compromise in touch performance.

The touch controllers can sense multi-finger glove touches. The advanced architecture has superior SNR (signal to noise ratio) that allows sensing with gloves 5-mm thick.

Supports a passive stylus with tips as small as 1.5 mm. This allows users to perform touch operations with any ordinary metallic ball-point pen or mechanical pencil.

With its proprietary material and technology, Promate Bond enhances readability by up to 300% which makes its display ideal for displays situated outdoors or environments with an intense direct light source.

The softer silicon adhesive and hybrid bonding method provides superior gap coverage and ruggedization that can disperse the force of impact much better which makes our HMI series ideal for outdoor or public access areas, factories, harsh environments.

Promate Bond increased light transmission, brightness, optical clarity,

and better contrast ratios, and no yellowing or haze over time.

Feature Videos

Water tolerance test - Tap and Scroll

Our proprietary water tolerant design allows splatters, spills, water droplets, salt water or even muddy water on the touch surface without triggering a false touch.

Water tolerance test - Multi-point and Swipe

The water tolerance design allows the multi-touch display to take on rainy weather and sweaty hands without any compromise in touch performance.

Promate Touch Advantage

The Promate Touch Advantage represents the next generation of industry-leading projective capacitive touchscreens and features a range of user interface technologies with cutting-edge performance to create a best-in-breed platform.

  • Best touch performance and lowest power consumption
  • Mutual and self-capacitance scan for best glove and water operational conditions
  • Wide variety of Microchip controller solutions to support size up to 24”
  • Perfect for medical, automotive, POS, aerospace applications
  • Low jitter and high resolution
  • Great performance for scrollbar UI designs
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