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Smart Vending Solution

Less Work. More Profits.

Efficiency Through Standardization of Control Interface

Vending Management Made Easy

PSTapticTM is an innovative template based configurable user interface software for creating and managing user interface of vending. Through our proprietary UI template design and authoring tool, vending operators can instantly adjust product items, recipe and pricing according to market needs or regional differences. Software updates can be easily done remotely through internet connection or locally through a USB drive.

Efficiency and Productivity Through Standardization

By utilizing PSTapticTM, user interface design and branding can be controlled centrally with ease. Machine interactions under a unified interface will simplify training and limit confusion when dealing with multiple machines.
  • Real-Time Inventory status 
  • Continuous machine health monitoring
  • Live sales status dashboard
  • Coffee brewing & vending scenarios support
  • Price settings for coffee products and toppings
  •  14 languages supported

Create Layout and Design for Branding / Promotion

Without having to hire engineer to make software modification or writing codes, retailers can easily create or renew menu, layout, and nutritional information. Promotional campaigns can be deployed at a scheduled timeline to designated group of machines.
  • Easy customization with Template-based machine flow and selection process
  • Modifiable artwork, pricing, and nutritional information tools. Easily update until you reach maximum results.
  • Unrestricted internet enabled control of Backend functionalities. No costly 3rd party solutions needed. 
  • Electronic payment. Adaptable with coin changer, token, or credit card

Telemetry Features Through the PSCriticaTM Cloud Service

Through the PSCriticaTM cloud service, machine status is actively monitored and can be checked and configured; sales transaction and inventory status can be tracked by product. All can be done from a remote location with a laptop.
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