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Unlock new possibilities with Promate Smart Vending Solutions

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transform your business with our smart retail technologies
that can be customized to your needs

Introducing PSCritica and PSTaptic, an innovative cloud-based operation and configuration management application that enables the creation of interactive interfaces and eye-catching promotional contents for touchscreen vending machines. 


A cloud-based operations platform that enables management of vending machines across various locations from a central location. Machine status and activities can be monitored on a live dashboard.


An intuitive template-based configurable user interface system. Designed to offer the latest trends of the vending market. Marketing or Brand Managers can easily customize user interfaces and create a focused image or promotional program to increase sales.


From retail stores to vending machine operator to fast food restaurant chains, Promate Smart Vending Solution enables business to connect with their customers, boost sales, and improve operational efficiency.

Customizable for Customer Engagement

Create customized layout and design that are intuitive, user-friendly and pertinent to your operation needs.

By adding a large custom-made display with touch technology powered by PSTaptic, the customized user interface configuration tool will offer an unique premium shopping experience that is intuitive and interactive. The High-definition advertising content displayed during idle or transaction times will raise product and brand awareness. 


The greatest thing about PStaptic is, without having engineers to make software modifications or writing codes, retailers can easily renew menus, pricing, nutritional information, and the overall layout of the user interface. Vendors can also deploy promotional campaigns instantly or at scheduled times to a designated group of machines. All can be done from a remote location with a laptop.

Boost your business insights: monitor sales and inventory remotely in real-time

Monitor sales, track real-time transaction and inventory data from your laptop, tablet or smartphone to gain insight.

PSCritica enables you to go beyond telemetry monitoring, and to make proactive changes and controls over your vending machines. Accurate and timely operational data can bring about new capabilities such as monitoring key ingredient usage of an individual coffee machine. Automated reminders can be generated to reorder ingredients ensuring your machine continues to generate revenue on a daily basis.

Less down-time and fewer service calls equal more profits

In addition to collecting, organizing and storing sales and inventory information, PSCritica tracks and collects operational and maintenance information. Collecting maintenance information allows for accurate remote diagnosis of individual machines.


User behavior can be uploaded to the cloud and routinely analyzed for a more personalized user experience. Information can also be reviewed for more intelligent route planning and overall business optimization.

Application features

Live Sales Status Dashboard

Continous Machine Health Monitor

Remote Configuration of Machines

Machine Alert Email

Location Based Machine Management

Remote Update of Software ,UI and recipes

Cashless Payment

Multiple UI / Promotion Remote Scheduling

Multi-language Support

Industries we serve

Coffee and Drinks
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