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Social Welfare

Spread the Love

Promate Group actively implements corporate social reciprocation and supports baked goods made by mentally challenged children with substantial actions, hoping to distribute income to disadvantaged groups and achieve long-term care. Therefore, the Group always orders gifts from the Children Are Us bakery on Mid-Autumn Festival or other major festivals; as of 2023, the purchases have summed up to exceed NTD 316,000. The Group also encourages employees and the general public to join and help disadvantaged groups operate more smoothly, spreading love to the corners in need.

Blood Donation

The National Blood Bank experienced a severe blood shortage due to the disruption caused by the arrival of summer vacations and typhoons. In an effort to alleviate the summer blood shortage, the PMT Group initiated the “Passionate Blood Donation” campaign. Through this campaign, they hope to encourage the public to join in blood donation to save lives. The event successfully collected a total of 65 bags (16,250cc) of passionate blood.

Sports Arena's Future Star

“Cultivate the Next Pride of Taiwan”

PSC is committed to promoting and nurturing promising and outstanding athletes. In order to continuously strengthen training and enhance the athletes’ skills, we invest resources in training facilities, protective gear, nutritional supplements, coach funding, and various expenses related to competitions (including airfare and accommodation for international competitions). This allows exceptional athletes to apply their talents without worries, dedicating themselves to rigorous training. We hope for the further development of sports in our country, creating a healthier Taiwan where everyone has the opportunity to become the future star in the sports world, showcasing Taiwan’s pride to the world!

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