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About Promate Solutions

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Bringing Your Product visions to life

Promate Solutions is dedicated to bringing customers’ product visions to life.

Our combined technical capabilities and operational expertise allow us to drive a product from concept to mass production.

Promate Solutions provides embedded board solutions, BSP service, and custom design and manufacturing of human machine interface (HMI) solutions for global market leading companies. 

We focus on highly demanding and mission critical applications including those in the different medical segments, commercial fitness equipment, commercial kitchen equipment and automated retail applications. Our roots in the touch display industry bring about experience, manufacturing process and supply chain that help assures a successful HMI product.

Promate solutions is a publicly listed company (Stock Code: 6577). Promate Solutions is a ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 accredited company.

Company Info

Promate Solutions Corporation is built on the foundation of Promate Electronic Co. LTD., a publicly traded company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Founded in 1986 as a franchise distributor of semi-conductor components, Promate Electronics grew with the personal computer and consumer electronics industry.

Promate Electronic set a challenge in 1999 to diversify beyond the Greater China Pacific market and expand into the American, European, and Japanese industrial markets. The Module Products Department was established to develop specialized technologies needed to utilize TFT LCD displays in these industrial markets. Promate Solutions Corporation was officially incorporated in March 2013 from the Module Product Department to build upon our continuing success.

The core technologies of Promate Solutions Corporation are based upon software, optical, mechanical, and electrical design. The industrial focus of our company has driven us to design and deploy touch screen display and embedded systems capable of performing under harsh outdoor environments, all day exposure to sunlight, and full submersion in seawater.

Promate Solutions’ long-term investment into “Advanced Product Quality Planning” processes assures that quality starts from the conception of the product. We have successfully developed and manufactured products with our tier 1 clients throughout the world in vertical markets with medical, automotive, vending, and marine applications. Promate Solutions Corporation champions “Continuous Innovation” when designing and manufacturing technology to assure the success of all our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide innovative and industry leading human machine interface solutions to our target verticals including industrial, medical, smart retail, outdoor applications.

Our Strategy
  • Develop solutions for industry leaders
  • Improve for successive product generation
  • Enhance design and production capability to match customer current and future needs
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