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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Identification

The major stakeholders of Promate Solutions Corporation consist of the Investor / Shareholder, Employee, Customer, Supplier, Government Agency / Competent Authority, and Media.

Communication and Relationship
Management With Stakeholders

The Company has long adhered to beliefs in the innocence of humanity, the power of forward-looking technology, the sentiment of enriched partnerships, and the hope of giving back to society. Thereupon fulfilling a sustainable business model and creating a high-quality working environment, as well as reinforcing employees’ personal humanity literacy and enhancing the high integration of work and life; further improving their professional skills and strengthening our partnerships with upstream and downstream manufacturers to jointly create added value, create a win-win business, and pursue sustainability.

PSC communicates with stakeholders through the following methods to understand their reasonable expectations and needs, including questions or suggestions regarding either economic, social, and environmental aspects and other internal or external affairs. To achieve effective communication, PSC will deal with them in a timely manner and provide feedback or improvement plans upholding an ethical principle.

Additionally, the Company has also established “Reporting System Management Measures.” When you find that anything in violation of laws, rules, company regulations, or ethical standards has or is about to occur, you should immediately report it to your supervisor or through the appropriate reporting channel. Other than the Company’s directors and employees, affiliated companies, or suppliers, all personnel related to the Company’s business activities can file complaints through the reporting channels. Through the reporting channels set up by the Company, the whistleblower can report employees for violating the law or improper conduct. Once substantiated, the Company will proceed with it in accordance with the law. The personal information of the informant will be classified as confidential to protect their personal safety and work rights from being infringed. Aside from the education of employees regarding the whistleblower protection system, the Company also communicates and educates suppliers with this system through different channels such as supplier conferences to fully implement corporate governance.

communication method

Stakeholders Issues of Concern Communication Channels Frequency
Suppliers Procurement Strategy Meeting Irregular
Supplier management and selection Telephone Conference Calls As Required
Requirements for product and service E-mail As Required
Socioeconomic compliance
Customers Ethical Management Telephone Conference Calls As Required
Products and service E-mail As Required
Marketing and labeling Customer Meeting Irregular
Privacy management and information security
Shareholders / Investors Performance of enterprise Investor Conferences Annually
Operating strategies Shareholder Meeting Annually
Stakeholder communication MOPS Irregular
Corporate governance
Media Stakeholder communication Press Conference Irregular
Market Presence Press Releases Irregular
Government Agencies/ Governance Official Correspondences Irregular
Competent Authorities Ethical Management E-mail As Required
Socioeconomic Compliance Conferences Irregular
Questionnaire As Required
Employees Employment Process Whistleblower Reports As Required
Educational Training Employees Benefits and Compensation Program Irregular
Strategies for Talent Cultivation E-mail Irregular
Salary, Benefits &Incentives Face-to-face communication between manager and employee Annually
Labor Rights

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