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All Environment IP67 Console for Maritime Applications

True Flat Display / Die Cast Aluminium Housing / All-In-One Embedded Board


A nautical electronics company approached Promate Solutions to develop an onboard device to control elements such as lighting and audio. The immediate concern when working on watercraft is the presence of salt water which is both corrosive and ionised. In particular, our client planned to mount these units on the exterior of watercraft and to both original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and direct to consumers in an aftermarket setting. The aftermarket requirement for the unit necessitated creative design to enable simple installation without the need of specialised tools or experience.

During further consideration regarding the environment of the console, direct sunlight exposure was identified as a key concern. High display brightness as well as sunlight readability were requested by the client to enable usage in any environment.


To meet the needs of our client, a fully submersible unit (IP67) was designed which utilized specialized ports for power, USB, and CAN. Additionally, a specialized flush mount system was designed for the client in order to simplify aftermarket installation without requiring specialized tools.

The final solution additionally featured a 5.7″ LCD display with a projected capacitive touch interface. To address the direct sunlight environment, the brightness of the display was increased utilizing Promate Solution’s ultra high bright (uHB) technology and anti-reflective film was attached to the touch sensitive surface. Optical bonding between the touch surface and display further improved brightness and contrast for usage in outdoor environments. Capacitive buttons along the bezel additionally controlled the LCD power to initiate power saving mode to conserve battery power while not in use.


Mounting mechanisms need to be usable in an after market setting.

High heat and prolonged sunlight exposure creates permantent spotting on displays.

Adequate brightness is necessary to guarantee usability in all conditions.


Enhances heat dissipation in a fan-less and enclosed module for a high IP rating.

Provides a modern fit and finish suitable for any type of watercraft.

Customized cabling enables true IP67 while simplifying the installation process.

Increased brightness along with anti-reflective film and optical bonding allow usage in direct sunlight.

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