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Whether you have specific testing requirements
or need componentlevel traceability, we’ve got you covered.

High Bright

Outdoor applications typically require bright displays, which introduce tradeoffs in terms of cost and display lifetimes. Our extensive experience in active and passive brightness enhancements enable Promate Solutions to provide expertise and insight to selecting the perfect solution for your application.

Bonding & Surface Treatments

Promate Solutions additionally offers in-house panel enhancments to improve the performance of our displays in the field. Optical bonding reduced light refraction and condensation while surface treatments like anti-reflective and anti-glare coatings improve readability in sunlight.



The availability of multiple touch technologies, such as resistive and capacitive touch, enables Promate Solutions to recommend the best option for every situation. Additional specialized technologies, such as water tolerance design, 3D Gesture Touchscreen, and Knob-on-Display Touchscreen enable modern designs in restrictive environments.


In certain cases, specialized ports not available in the standard configuration or a new mechanical layout of an existing solution is needed for a specific application. The integrated design teams at Promate Solutions can provide the solution you need by utilizing our standard products as a base.


All Terrain

Our systems have been deployed under harsh environments such as direct desert sunlight and freezing northern winters. High IP rating solutions can even enable full submersion capabilities for nautical and industrial applications. We work with our clients to determine the exact solution needed.

Custom Housing

To meet the mechanical specifications of a product design, Promate Solutions also can offer customized housing on our products. Custom mounting solutions can additionally increase vibration and shock resistance to improve durability in the field.

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