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Multimedia Console for Exercise Machines

Wireless Drivers / Bluetooth 4.0 / Video Input


A fitness company challenged Promate Solutions to design and manufacture a touch screen console utilizing the latest in embedded technology.  The selection of Android as the underlying operating system presented several opportunities as well as challenges for Promate Solutions, as native driver support was only minimally provided for by suppliers. As a fitness console, the design of the underlying hardware needed to support enhanced multimedia capabilities while integrating multiple components provided by several parties.  The integration of these components at a fundamental level was coordinated and controlled by Promate Solutions.

Additionally, the wide geographic deployment of these devices necessitated a high reliability factor, including multiple failsafes and intense production testing.


Promate Solutions’ software capabilities were truly put to the test for this client. A custom Bluetooth audio driver integrated Bluetooth 4.0 with low power capabilities and custom audio latency drivers synchronized streaming audio with video. Additional Android customizations included backlight dimming and custom GPIO communication.

To enable the multi-media capabilities envisioned by the customer, we additionally integrated ATSC, DVBT, ISDB TV tuner, S-video, and HDMI in up to 720P. Again, driver integration in Android OS was a critical milestone in the success of this project.

Stability of the overall system was addressed with automated reliability testing during production as well as specially designed failsafe systems to recover corrupted storage and failed system updates.


Previous solutions did not utilize Android or comparable operating systems.

Semi-public location requires resistance to accidental damage as well as frequent usage wear. modifications to ensure audio synchronization with video over Bluetooth.

Multiple peripherals, both built in and user provided, require broad driver/OS support.


Customized wireless drivers provided integration with specially selected peripherals for enhanced performance

State of the art Bluetooth hardware was integrated with Android, including core bluetooth modifications to ensure audio synchronization with video over Bluetooth.

ATSC, DVBT, ISDB TV tuner, S-video, and HDMI in up to 720P enable high quality media.

Capacitive glass interface increases damage resistance versus traditional resistive solutions.

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