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Environmental Protection

The Company is in the manufacturing industry and faces potential risks of climate change mainly at environmental and operational levels. For example, as extreme climate change causing resource shortages and personnel having difficulties adapting physically, resulting in increased raw material costs, suppliers struggling to complete production, and increased transportation costs, etc. These could all potentially lead to climate change directly or indirectly impacting our operating results. The Company recognizes that climate change is a major issue, hence adopting countermeasures including improving the efficiency of resource utilization, reducing water consumption, and practicing solar power generation.

In the face of various environmental issues such as climate change, greenhouse gases, water resources, and waste, we continue to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction. Strengthening employees’ awareness of energy conservation and improving the efficient utilization of various resources; also formulating appropriate management policies to incorporate the spirit of environmental protection into our beliefs of sustainable operations.

Greenhouse gases1.Solar power generation systems are installed at the factory to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
2.From time to time, we will advocate energy conservation and carbon reduction for employees, educate employees on environmental values, give environmental awareness back to employees’ families, and work together to achieve the goal of environmental sustainability.
*Aim to reduce Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 3% annually.
Electricity Consumption1. Installing T5 energy-saving lamps within the Company.
2. Setting the air conditioning temperature and time control.
3. Turning off lights during lunch break to save energy.
4. Promoting the use of stairs to reduce the use of elevators.
*With the goal of reducing electricity consumption by 3% every year.
Paper consumptionThe company’s operating system has adopted paperless electronic signatures, effectively saving the amount of paper used, and adding a scanning function to AIO office equipment and counting paper usage on a monthly basis.
*Promote paperless offices.
Water resource managementPromoting water-saving measures to employees and displaying slogans to achieve the goal of saving water.
*With the goal of reducing water resource by 1% every year.
Waste Management1. Recycling and reusing information technology equipment and parts and relevant measures.
2. Implementing waste sorting, recycling, and reusing resources.
3. Bringing personal utensils and cups to reduce the use of disposable utensil
4. Managing the recycling of various product packaging materials.
*With the goal of reducing waste by 3% every year.
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