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Human Rights Policies

To fulfill corporate social responsibility and protect the basic human rights of employees and all stakeholders, the Company supports and voluntarily adheres to international human rights conventions: the United Nations Global Compact, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Respecting the basic human rights recognized internationally, the Company devises its human rights policies following the aforementioned guidelines.

I. Inclusion of diversity and equal job opportunities:

1. Complying with all national labor laws, the Company prohibits child labor and forced labor with zero discrimination in employment and strives to create a diverse, open, equal, and harassment-free work environment, never allowing any violation of human rights.

2. Paid employees are not to be treated differently or discriminated against in any form based on their gender (including sexual orientation), race, class, age, marriage, language, ideology, religion, political party, place of origin, place of birth, appearance, height, and disabilities, etc.

3. Providing effective protection of labor rights and a harmonious labor-management relationship. Implementing fair employment, salary and benefits, training, evaluation, and promotion opportunities; also providing an effective and appropriate reporting mechanism to avoid and respond to matters that jeopardize the rights and interests of employees.

II. Providing a safe and healthy work environment:

1. Providing a safe and healthy work environment as well as necessary health and first aid measures to eliminate anything that may be hazardous to the health and safety of employees in the work environment, reducing the risk of occupational disasters.

2. Paying attention to and managing the abnormal workload of employees, avoid overtime, and regularly perform labor safety-related education and training.

III. Respecting the freedom of assembly of employees:

Respecting and preserving the basic human rights of employees. Particularly strengthening the protection of labor rights (such as the Right to Form a Union) as well as providing diversified communication mechanisms and platforms to ensure a harmonious and win-win labor-management relationship.

IV. Helping employees maintain their physical and mental health as well as work-life balance:

Caring for the physical and mental health of employees; providing regular free health check-ups and actively organizing health management seminars; hosting parent-child trips and stress-relieving massages; providing diversified activities, such as cultural activities, sports and fitness activities, family days, and others. Employees also expand their interpersonal interaction with colleagues through participation in clubs. Enriching the concept of “work-life balance” and comprehensively taking care of the physical and mental health of employees.

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