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Modern Touchscreen Console for Hospitals


A physical rehabilitation solution company commissioned Promate Solutions to develop the next-gen Human-Machine Interface to be used across all their product lines. Not only was the embedded board in the current-gen solution heading towards end of life (EOL), but it was not nearly powerful enough to drive the OS and features planned for the future. To leverage volume across multiple product lines, the client challenged Promate Solutions to develop a solution that support multiple platforms including various input and output ports, display sizes and resolutions, and touch technologies.

The HMI planned for the platform needed to run different exercise programs, each customised for a specific machine control protocol and graphic user interface that tracked patient workout progress. The goal was to provide a ready to use x86 based All-In-One Panel PC with support for Windows 7 Embedded.

Among the various technical requirements for the console, ISO-13485 was identified as a basic requirement for the design and manufacture of the medical display systems. The product also needed to comply to all medical IEC and UL safety standards.

Finally, modern design, ease of installation, and maintenance were key design philosophies.


For the display/touch portion Promate Solutions proposed a true flat resistive touch, which gives a display surface without the need for a front enclosure and gasket. Screen maintenance is simplified as there is no gasket to collect dust, fluid, and bacterial growth; and the overall design is more compact with the black border and logo providing a sleek and modern look. To deal with potentially chaotic hospital environments, the unit was designed to be drip proof (IPx1) and utilised a die cast aluminium housing to enable a fan-less system.

The internal of the HMI was powered by the latest Atom Cedar-view Embedded Computing platform which represented a leap in performance from customer’s previous unit. The generous SDRAM and SSD storage capacity allowed all custom SW for every product line to be stored, simplifying the ordering process to a single part number. Furthermore, Promate Solutions evaluated all the entire system design and was able to eliminate proprietary daughter boards by integrating functionality on the main-board, thus increasing the system performance without adversely affecting the cost.


 Strict regulations require careful control of EMI/EMC specifications.

Potential cross-contamination necesitates cleaning and safety mechanisms.

Accidental damage/spilling.


Provides a modern fit and finish and eliminates difficult to clean gaps that invite bacterial growth.

Enhances heat dissipation, enables fanless x86 industrial PC designs, and allows for drip proof (IPx1) construction.

Reduces cost by eliminating outdated daughter boards.

Lowers EMI/EMC versus traditional true flat touch technologies.

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