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Promate provides expertise in tailor made HMI solutions optimized to meet specific needs for better efficiency and usability.


A well-designed industrial Human Machine Interface (HMI) is judged by its usability, reliability, and durability which require technical capabilities in software design, optical design, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. With years of experiences and domain knowledge of customizing HMI components and solutions for industrial, automotive, medical, and avionics applications, Promate has fully proven its capabilities in offering customized products and services that best fit its industry-leading customers.


Our core technologies are here to enhance your products with software, optical, mechanical, electrical designs and Cloud-based IOT services.


The software engineers at Promate Solutions are deeply integrated with the hardware development teams, leading to faster design cycles and better stability.


Our deep relationship with LCD suppliers and technical ability to modify and improve displays has been leveraged by our clients since day one.

The clean room maintained in-house allows Promate Solutions to increase the brightness of displays or add components like anti-glare and touch at aggressive prices.


The nature of our design and management teams allows for maximum flexibility when working with our clients to ensure all elements of the product team are comfortable with our solution.

Additionally, our mechanical teams follow our process through mass production to ensure the products delivered to the client meet our standards for fit and finish.


In order to drive successful projects at Promate Solutions, the flexibility and speed of the electrical team have been emphasized.

As requirements evolve at the client, our electrical team has the capability to move in lockstep with the client and can deliver on exactly what the client needs.


Promate brings the capabilities in Human Machine Interface (HMI), hardware and software integration, IoT technology and industry knowledge together and provide cloud-based applications accessed through the web or an API, customized to meet your unique requirements.

The Promate Software As A Service evolves your business, makes it smarter, improves efficiency, and boosts productivity

Cross Functional
System Integration Capabilities

Display Enhancement

DICOM, Optically Bonded
Touch Display

Embedded System

ARM Embedded, Ubiqconn X86 Platform

Operating Systems

Embedded Software & Cloud Computing

Peripheral Integration

Wireless Communication, Custom I/Os and Peripheral Integration

Mechanical Integration

ID / Housing Design, Optimal Cost for Maximum Profitability

UI & UX Development

UI / UX, Firmware & Application development


Battery / Power Management System

Technical Consultation

Testing / Safety / Certification​ technical consultation


Whether you have specific testing requirements or need component level traceability, we’ve got you covered.


Our internal management systems integrate cross-functional teams to ensure a collaborative and efficient development process.

Systematic controls like resource deployment and software versioning reduce miscommunication and enhance our effectiveness.


Our production process is governed by a quality system that drives a high satisfaction rating from our clients.

Every single stage of production: incoming, in process, post production, outgoing, and even in field deployment, is tracked and covered by our quality system.


Promate Solutions leans on over a decade of experience and countless hours of production to ensure a tightly controlled production system.

Previous lessons learned drive our ability to deliver value in all parts of the production process, from design for manufacturing to production process development.


The server and database backed traceability system provides deep transparency to our components and production process.

Every component, chip, and production staff associated with a particular unit can be tracked. Traceability proves invaluable when determining root causes to issues.


We designed process system such as LCD Module Optical Inspection and Sequence Based Fastening System to optimise time-to-market, limit manufacturing process production costs and manufacturing quality.

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