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Data Acquisition System for Smart Cloud Solar Monitoring Solutions

Energy Management System / API Optimization

Background and Challenges

A well-known brand manufacturer spanning optoelectronics and green energy chose Promate Solutions to develop their next-generation data acquisition system for its smart solar energy monitoring solution that performs energy generation status and event monitoring.

The previous generation of their data acquisition system could no longer meet the new industry performance requirements. The capacity of the microprocessor in use had been reached hence the platform could no longer support Taipower’s “Distribution Grade Renewable Energy Management System (DREAMS)” certification standard.

Like most of the data acquisition system on the market, its previous generation was not equipped with lightning and surge protection. This resulted in high rates of field failure. Subsequent exposure of damaged units to further lightning or surge can result in damage to the solar panel system. Top on the requirement list for the next-generation data acquisition system is having built in lightning and surge protection up to 4000 Volts.


  • Optimized commercial and industrial version to target different market sectors
  • Integrate aluminum alloy enclosure for improved heat dissipation
  • Customized embedded system platform (NXP i.MX6DL RS-485 board)
  • Lightning and Surge Protection: Power and I/Os isolation 
  • Support Taipower’s “Distribution Level Renewable Energy Management System (DREAMS)”, utilizing DNP3.0 protocol. System includes secure store and forward capability for communication lost situation
  • Develop customized data acquisition features with Qt framework
  • API Web-page optimization
  • Customized protocol for connecting to cloud services (AWS)
  • Optimized offline backup capabilities and can be combined with cloud monitoring system to preserve complete historical data
  • Incorporate edge intelligence and cloud AI to run algorithms to assist Taipower in predicting power distribution and energy storage
  • Support smart cloud & mobile monitoring APP with intuitive user interface
  • Fully system compatibility with more than 200 inverter models on the market
  • Support OTA (Over The Air) remote firmware update
  • IEC 62368 / BSMI CNS14336-1 safety certificate
  • RS-485 gate passed IEC 61000-4-2 (Level-4) Electrostatic Withstand (ESD) test
  • RS-485 gate passes IEC 61000-4-4 (Level-4) fast pulse electromagnetic withstand (EFT) test
  • RS-485 gate passed IEC 61000-4-5 (Level-4) lightning surge withstand (Surge) test
  • Support operating temperature up to 0 – 60C (commercial) and 0 – 70C (industrial)
Diagram: Solar Monitoring System


The solar monitoring solution combines data acquisition system and cloud monitoring software for its customers to access real-time data, system status and solar conversion efficiency via mobile phones or tablet at any time anywhere while ensuring optimal power generation performance. The next-generation data acquisition logging system Promate’s tailor made further enhances its solution and its competitive advantage in the solar energy market. 


  • The efficiency improvement of the platform and the lightning protection design greatly reduce the failure report rate and maintenance costs
  • Integrating data acquisition and AI data monitoring saves the labor costs of meter reading
  • Customized commercial and industrial modal design to target different market and increase market share 
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